About the Pegase Moto GPS Tracker 🛰️

All the information needed for the proper functioning of your Pegase Moto GPS tracker.

  • How to Install the Pegase GPS Tracker?

    The Pegase GPS tracker is attached under the seat of your motorcycle using the provided double-sided adhesive. Ensure that the Pegase logo is oriented toward the sky (avoiding metallic or carbon parts just above). Then, simply connect the cable to the battery with the provided universal connector.

    Pegase should be connected directly to the motorcycle's battery, not to a starter relay, for example.



    1. Before contacting our customer service, make sure that your Pegase is compatible with your battery. Specifically, a Pegase for a lead-acid battery should be used with a lead-acid battery, and a Pegase for a lithium battery should be used with a lithium battery. (See: How to identify my vehicle's battery?)

    2. Proper installation of your Pegase GPS tracker enhances optimal communication with GSM and GPS networks. Ensure that there are no metallic or carbon parts above your GPS tracker.
  • Lead or Lithium, Which Model of Pegase Moto for Your Vehicle's Battery?

    Pegase Moto is equipped with a cutoff switch to protect the vehicle's battery against potential over-discharge. This cutoff switch triggers at a certain battery charge threshold.

    Because lead-acid/AGM batteries and lithium batteries have different voltage curves, the cutoff threshold for the switch cannot be the same for both battery types.

    Therefore, there are two versions of Pegase Moto, one for lead-acid batteries and the other for lithium batteries:

    1. On a "lead" battery, the cutoff switch triggers at around 12.5V.
    2. On a "lithium" battery, it triggers at around 13V.

    Consequently, when purchasing Pegase Moto, you need to select the version that corresponds to your battery!



    • A "lead" Pegase Moto on a lithium battery will function but carries a risk of over-discharging your battery.
    • A "lithium" Pegase Moto on a lead-acid battery will not work or will perform poorly.
  • How to Check the Power Supply of the Pegase Moto GPS Tracker?

    Here are the steps to check the power supply of your Pegase Moto GPS tracker:

    1. Check the cable connections: Ensure that the red terminal is securely connected to the red terminal of your vehicle's battery, and the black (or transparent) terminal is properly connected to the black terminal.

    2. Verify that the cable fuse is in good condition.
      (See: Order a new Pegase Moto cable)

    3. Then, go for a ride for about ten minutes.

    If your trip is detected, your Pegase Moto GPS tracker is properly powered.

    If your trip is not detected, your Pegase Moto GPS tracker is likely not receiving proper power. Please contact our customer service.


    • Pegase Moto must be connected directly to the motorcycle's battery and not, for example, to a starter relay. Examples of connections not to replicate:



  • How to Perform a Reset of the Pegase Moto GPS Tracker?

    Is your Pegase Moto GPS tracker stuck on its GPS position or showing inaccuracies?

    To resolve such issues, please follow the reset procedure below:

    ⚠️ Before performing a reset procedure, please first check if the Pegase Moto GPS tracker is properly powered.

    ⚠️ The procedure should ideally be done with the engine running and outdoors.

    After this reset, please wait for several minutes and then go for a 10-minute ride. (Steps 2 and 3 of the procedure will happen automatically.)"

  • What About Pegase Moto's Operation with 2G?

    Pegase Moto uses the 2G network, which is expected to be phased out by mobile operators in France and Europe by the end of 2026 to early 2027.

  • Does Pegase Moto Require a Subscription?


    Pegase Moto operates in over 200 countries worldwide without a subscription! (In Metropolitan France, Europe, North Africa, and on all continents)

    ⚠️ But please note: there are exceptions. In some countries or localities, due to a lack of agreements with telecommunications operators, a subscription is required (you can find the list on our website):