Other Questions 🧐

Other general questions about Flashbird and Pegase Moto.

  • Are Flashbird and Pegase Moto recognized by insurance companies as anti-theft devices?

    Flashbird and Pegase Moto, like all GPS anti-theft trackers, do not have SRA certification.

    They are not mechanical anti-theft devices designed to physically prevent theft, like a chain or a U-lock.

    However, Flashbird and Pegase Moto help to prevent theft (by notifying you when someone touches your vehicle) and to track the vehicle to its final location (where the thieves take it).

    In fact, some insurance companies like Mutuelle des Motards, Solly Azar, or Dafy Assurances recognize Flashbird and Pegase Moto as effective anti-theft devices and offer you many benefits to protect your vehicle.

  • When will I receive my order?

    We are able to prepare and ship your orders from Monday to Friday until 3 pm (time of various carriers).

    It typically takes 5 to 7 business days to receive your order (excluding the summer months).

    We do not work or ship orders on weekends and holidays. Therefore, an order placed on a Friday at 4 pm will ideally be shipped on Monday.

  • When and how can I benefit from a cashback offer?

    You may be eligible for a cashback offer and want to know how and when to benefit from it?

    First, you need to complete the dedicated form, the link to which is provided on the partner's website or in the letter you received. Cashback offers require a short processing time (about 1 month) to assess the eligibility of your request submitted through the dedicated form.