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About the Flashbird GPS tracker 🛰️

  • How to install the Flashbird GPS tracker?

    The GPS tracker is attached under your motorcycle's seat using the provided double-sided adhesive tape. Ensure that the Flashbird logo is oriented towards the sky (avoiding metal or carbon parts just above). Then simply connect the cable to the battery using the provided universal connector.

    Click here to watch the tutorial video.


    Flashbird should be connected directly to the motorcycle's battery and not to a starter relay, for example.

    Download the installation guide.



    1. Proper installation of your Flashbird GPS tracker enhances optimal communication with GSM and GPS networks. Ensure that there are no metal or carbon parts above your GPS tracker.
  • How do I update my Flashbird GPS tracker?

    Here is the procedure to update your Flashbird GPS tracker:

    1. Press the side button of your Flashbird device for 10 seconds (the LED will turn white after 5 seconds and then light blue after 8 seconds), then release the button.

    2. Enable Bluetooth on your phone (on Android, also enable location services).

    3. Open the Flashbird application and go to My Account (Profile icon) -> Settings -> Update devices.

    4. You can now update your Flashbird.

    5. If the update fails, make sure your phone is connected to the internet (Wi-Fi or mobile data) with at least 3 network bars.

    If the problem persists, submit a request to our technical support.

  • How to check the proper functioning of Flashbird?

    To observe the status of your Flashbird GPS tracker, press the tracker's button and observe the LED.

    Meaning of the blinking:

    • The LED doesn't light up: The GPS tracker is out of battery and/or not powered.
    • The LED blinks: The GPS tracker is running on internal battery.
    • The LED is solid: The GPS tracker is being powered properly by an external source.

    Meaning of the colors:

    1. Yellow: Your Flashbird GPS tracker has an issue with the SIM card. Please open it and reposition the SIM card. If that doesn't resolve the issue, contact technical support.

    2. Red: Your GPS tracker isn't receiving GPS and GSM signal, it's not connected to the network.

    3. Blue: When Flashbird is connected to the servers, the LED turns blue (the Flashbird GPS tracker is connected to the GSM network but won't send GPS positions). So, anti-theft alerts are active.

    4. Green: When Flashbird receives the GPS signal, the LED turns green (the Flashbird GPS tracker is 100% functional). So, anti-theft alerts and real-time GPS tracking are active.
  • How to perform a reset of the Flashbird GPS tracker?

    Is your Flashbird GPS tracker stuck or experiencing malfunctions?

    To perform a reset of the Flashbird GPS tracker, follow these steps:

    1. Press the Flashbird button for 8 seconds.
    2. The LED will eventually turn white, then release it.
    3. The GPS tracker may take 1 to 2 minutes to initialize again.

    There you go, the reset is done. Remember to drive with your vehicle to verify that the issue has been resolved.

  • Why is a subscription required for Flashbird? Does it work without a subscription?

    Flashbird requires a subscription to our services at €5 per month.

    This is used to pay for the associated services (Flashbird Cops and Flashbird Emergency), maintain technical updates, and fund the Flashbird team, plain and simple!

    We also work every day on new features that will come to Flashbird through GPS tracker and app updates.

    Flashbird does not work if the subscription is suspended, which means you won't have the vehicle's position or the recording of your trips in the app.

  • How to manage my Flashbird subscription?

    You can manage your Flashbird subscription from the user page on our website.

    Simply select the plan you want (monthly or annual) and follow the payment process. Multiple payment methods are available (credit card, PayPal, SEPA direct debit, etc.)

About the Pegase Moto GPS Tracker 🛰️

  • How to Install the Pegase GPS Tracker?

    The Pegase GPS tracker is attached under the seat of your motorcycle using the provided double-sided adhesive. Ensure that the Pegase logo is oriented toward the sky (avoiding metallic or carbon parts just above). Then, simply connect the cable to the battery with the provided universal connector.

    Pegase should be connected directly to the motorcycle's battery, not to a starter relay, for example.



    1. Before contacting our customer service, make sure that your Pegase is compatible with your battery. Specifically, a Pegase for a lead-acid battery should be used with a lead-acid battery, and a Pegase for a lithium battery should be used with a lithium battery. (See: How to identify my vehicle's battery?)

    2. Proper installation of your Pegase GPS tracker enhances optimal communication with GSM and GPS networks. Ensure that there are no metallic or carbon parts above your GPS tracker.
  • Lead or Lithium, Which Model of Pegase Moto for Your Vehicle's Battery?

    Pegase Moto is equipped with a cutoff switch to protect the vehicle's battery against potential over-discharge. This cutoff switch triggers at a certain battery charge threshold.

    Because lead-acid/AGM batteries and lithium batteries have different voltage curves, the cutoff threshold for the switch cannot be the same for both battery types.

    Therefore, there are two versions of Pegase Moto, one for lead-acid batteries and the other for lithium batteries:

    1. On a "lead" battery, the cutoff switch triggers at around 12.5V.
    2. On a "lithium" battery, it triggers at around 13V.

    Consequently, when purchasing Pegase Moto, you need to select the version that corresponds to your battery!



    • A "lead" Pegase Moto on a lithium battery will function but carries a risk of over-discharging your battery.
    • A "lithium" Pegase Moto on a lead-acid battery will not work or will perform poorly.
  • How to Check the Power Supply of the Pegase Moto GPS Tracker?

    Here are the steps to check the power supply of your Pegase Moto GPS tracker:

    1. Check the cable connections: Ensure that the red terminal is securely connected to the red terminal of your vehicle's battery, and the black (or transparent) terminal is properly connected to the black terminal.

    2. Verify that the cable fuse is in good condition.
      (See: Order a new Pegase Moto cable)

    3. Then, go for a ride for about ten minutes.

    If your trip is detected, your Pegase Moto GPS tracker is properly powered.

    If your trip is not detected, your Pegase Moto GPS tracker is likely not receiving proper power. Please contact our customer service.


    • Pegase Moto must be connected directly to the motorcycle's battery and not, for example, to a starter relay. Examples of connections not to replicate:



  • How to Perform a Reset of the Pegase Moto GPS Tracker?

    Is your Pegase Moto GPS tracker stuck on its GPS position or showing inaccuracies?

    To resolve such issues, please follow the reset procedure below:

    ⚠️ Before performing a reset procedure, please first check if the Pegase Moto GPS tracker is properly powered.

    ⚠️ The procedure should ideally be done with the engine running and outdoors.

    After this reset, please wait for several minutes and then go for a 10-minute ride. (Steps 2 and 3 of the procedure will happen automatically.)"

  • What About Pegase Moto's Operation with 2G?

    Pegase Moto uses the 2G network, which is expected to be phased out by mobile operators in France and Europe by the end of 2026 to early 2027.

  • Does Pegase Moto Require a Subscription?


    Pegase Moto operates in over 200 countries worldwide without a subscription! (In Metropolitan France, Europe, North Africa, and on all continents)

    ⚠️ But please note: there are exceptions. In some countries or localities, due to a lack of agreements with telecommunications operators, a subscription is required (you can find the list on our website):

The Application - User Account 📱

  • How to Create a User Account?

    To create an account in the Flashbird app (by Pegase Moto), follow these steps:

    1. Download the app from the Google Play Store (Android) or the Apple App Store (iOS).

    2. Open the app and click on "Sign Up."

    3. Enter an email address and a password that will serve as your identifier.

    4. Associate the corresponding GPS tracker (Flashbird or Pegase Moto) with your purchase.
      (For more information, see "How to associate my GPS tracker with my Flashbird (by Pegase Moto) account?")"

    versionapp2store.PNG     sign.PNG.   

    sign3.PNG.    sign2.PNG

  • How to Associate My GPS Tracker with My Flashbird (by Pegase Moto) Account?

    To connect your Flashbird or Pegase Moto GPS tracker to your application, follow these steps:

    1. Create a user account in the Flashbird app (by Pegase Moto).

    2. During your first login, you will be prompted to associate a Flashbird or Pegase Moto GPS tracker with your account.

    3. If you already own one or more Flashbird or Pegase Moto GPS trackers and want to associate a new tracker with your account, follow these steps:

      Click on "My Account" ➡️ "My Garage" ➡️ and "Add" (top right of the screen).


    • For Flashbird, you need the serial number located on the side of the casing or the serial number of the associated Smartkey.
    • For Pegase Moto, you need the serial number and PIN code located inside the Pegase Moto box.
    • Fill in the fields requested by the application, install the tracker, and ride for at least 15 minutes to activate your Flashbird or Pegase Moto.
  • I Can't Log In

    If you can't log in to the Flashbird app (by Pegase Moto), please check these steps:

    1. Make sure your smartphone has a mobile internet connection (3/4/5G) or is connected to WiFi.

    2. Enter the email address of your Flashbird (by Pegase Moto) account.
      (When you created your Flashbird by Pegase Moto account, a verification code was sent to the entered email address.)

    3. Enter the associated password.
      (If you forgot your password, please refer to the following article: "I Forgot My Password")

    mot de passe oublié.PNG motdepasse2.PNG

  • How to Update My App?

    Our team is continuously working to improve our app. To access all the app's features, it's important to keep it up to date.

    Updating the Flashbird app by Pegase Moto can be done through the Play Store for Android devices (Samsung, LG, etc.) and through the App Store for iOS devices.

    You can check if you have the latest version of the app in the general settings. Under "Info," you will see the version number of your app.


    Compare this number with the one displayed on the app's page in the Google Play Store or the App Store. If it matches, you have the latest version of the app installed.



    • Don't confuse updating the mobile app with updating your Flashbird tracker.

    • The GPS tracker Pegase Moto (older model) cannot be updated.

    • Keeping the app and device up to date is essential for the proper functioning of the product and services.

    • Just because an app update is available doesn't necessarily mean a tracker update is required, and vice versa.

  • I Forgot My Password

    To recover your password for logging into the app or your online profile, follow these steps:

    1. If you are logged into the app, log out through the settings.
    2. Once logged out, click "Log In" again.
    3. Click "Forgot Password."

    Follow the steps until your new password is confirmed, and log in again.

    A code will be sent to the email address used when creating your Flashbird (by Pegase Moto) account.



  • Account Deletion

    To delete your account directly from the Flashbird app (by Pegase Moto), follow these steps:

    1. Click on "My Account" (top right on the app's home screen).

    2. Then, click on "Settings" ➡️ "Account Details" ➡️ "Delete My Account."

    3. Follow the steps to delete your account.

    Once the process is completed, your account will be deleted within the next 24 hours. If you log back into your account, the account deletion will be canceled.


    • All your data will be permanently and irretrievably deleted.

    • Your Flashbird or Pegase Moto can then be associated with a new account in the future. So, you can delete your account if you wish to sell your Flashbird or Pegase Moto.

The Application - Anti-Theft Alerts 📱

  • How to set up anti-theft alerts for Flashbird or Pegase Moto?

    To configure the anti-theft alerts for your Flashbird or Pegase Moto GPS tracker, please go to the settings of your Flashbird (by Pegase) application and click on 'Anti-Theft Alerts.'

    • Level 1 - Vibration Alert:
      Be alerted at the slightest vibration of your vehicle. Ideal for a vehicle parked in a private garage.

    • Level 2 - Suspicious Movements:
      Be alerted when your vehicle experiences multiple repeated movements. Ideal for an outdoor-parked vehicle.

    • Level 3 - Movement Alert:
      Be alerted by call or notification when your vehicle is in motion. Ideal for all parking situations.

    • Critical Alerts:
      Receive alerts even when your phone is in silent or "do not disturb" mode (option available for each alert level).

    parametresalertesvol.PNG     paramètrealertesvols2.PNG


    • The device does not make any sound in case of theft to avoid detection.
    • Calls are triggered for movement detected at approximately 300 meters. If you do not wish to receive the call, you can opt to receive an SMS instead. Simply configure the 'SMS time zone.
  • How to set up the automatic activation of my anti-theft system?

    To configure the anti-theft alerts for your Flashbird or Pegase Moto GPS tracker, please go to the settings of your Flashbird (by Pegase) application and click on 'Automatic Anti-Theft Activation.'


  • I'm not receiving anti-theft alerts, why?

    If you are not receiving anti-theft alerts, here's why:

    • Your smartphone or your Flashbird/Pegase Moto GPS tracker is not connected to the GSM and/or GPS network.

    • You have not allowed notifications from the Flashbird (by Pegase) application in your phone's general settings.

    • Your GPS tracker is out of battery; please check its power source.

    • The Smartkey of your Flashbird GPS tracker was detected within the last 10 minutes, and/or you have not stopped the current trip using the application.

    • Your GPS tracker may have a technical issue. Try the reset procedure:
    • If, despite the reset procedure, the anti-theft alerts are not working, contact our technical support through this link: [Link to Contact Technical Support].
  • Why is my Flashbird GPS tracker not detecting my Smartkey?

    If the Smartkey associated with your Flashbird GPS tracker is not being detected by your Flashbird GPS tracker, here are possible reasons:

    1. The battery in your Smartkey is empty, inserted incorrectly, or there is a loose connection.
      To resolve this issue, open your Smartkey using a properly sized flat-head screwdriver and check the condition of the battery and the connection with the electronic card.

    2. If the battery in your Smartkey is functional but your Smartkey still isn't working, please contact our technical support.

The Application - My Rides 📱

  • How to Merge Your Trips?

    If you wish to merge trips that you've taken, for example during a road trip, this is entirely possible.

    From the home screen of your application:

    1. Click on "View All" in blue within the "Trips" section (below the mini-map).

    2. Once you're on the list of your trips, click on "Edit" (in blue at the top right of the screen).

    3. Simply select the relevant trips, then click on the blue merge arrow at the top right, and choose "Merge."

    IMG_1199.PNG     IMG_1200.PNG

  • How to Share Your Trips on Social Media?

    Using the Flashbird (by Pégase) application, you can share your trips on social media. Here's the process to follow:

    1. Open the relevant trip from your application.

    2. Click on the paper plane icon.

    3. Click on "Add an image."

    4. Select the social media platform where you want to share your trip.


  • How to Export Your Trips in GPX Format?

    To export your trip in GPX format, follow these steps:

    1. Open the relevant trip from the Flashbird (by Pégase) application.

    2. Click on the three small dots at the top right of the trip screen.

    3. You can then select the "Export as GPX" option.
      (The GPS track will be sent to your email by the application.)


    • You can use your trips in GPX format with applications like Relive or Komoot.
  • How to get data in km/h and/or mph?

    In the application, go to the general settings, and then in the display section, select "Units Selection."

    You will then have the choice between:

    • The default system settings of your phone (depending on the language and region of your smartphone)
    • The metric system (km/h)
    • The imperial system (mph)


  • Do Flashbird and Pegase Moto have internal memory?

    When Flashbird or Pegase Moto do not have the necessary network to communicate (for example, when you are driving in an area with no network coverage), Flashbird and Pegase Moto store GPS coordinates in memory to transmit them once they regain network connectivity.

    This is possible thanks to the integrated "Buffer" technology in the trackers.


    The "Buffer" integrated into Flashbird can store 20 times more data than the one integrated into Pegase Moto.

What happens in case of a theft of my vehicle? 👮‍♂️

  • How to report the theft of my vehicle in the app?

    Through the Flashbird app (by Pégase), you can report the theft of your vehicle. Here's the process:

    1. If the app is not in alert mode, click on the mini-map to enlarge it, and click on the icon representing the law enforcement officer, and follow the instructions.

    2. If your app is in alert mode, click on the icon representing the law enforcement officer on the map or click on "Report a theft" from the home page and follow the instructions.

    At that point, our team will be notified and will contact you as soon as possible to assist you in resolving the theft of your vehicle using the data from your GPS tracker.

  • How to get a route to my vehicle?

    Through the Flashbird app (by Pégase), you can get a route to reach your vehicle. Here's the process:

    1. Click on the mini-map to enlarge it, and click on the icon representing an arrow pointing to a motorcycle or a car.

    2. Then click on "Start navigation"

    At that point, a route to your vehicle will be created in the navigation app on your phone."

  • What happens if thieves disconnect my GPS tracker from my vehicle's battery?

    Firstly, if thieves attempt to disconnect the tracker from the battery, the motorcycle will experience movements. You will then receive level 1 and 2 alerts (vibrations and suspicious movement).

    Our trackers are equipped with an internal battery that takes over in the event of a power disconnect from the battery:

    • For Flashbird:
      • You can expect several weeks of autonomy when stationary and several hundred kilometers while in motion without the engine running (in a truck or on a trailer).
      • In such a case with Flashbird, you will receive a battery disconnection notification.
      • Flashbird also indicates the vehicle's battery voltage level on the home page of the app.

    • For Pegase Moto:
      • Expect a few days of autonomy when stationary and approximately a hundred kilometers when in motion without the engine running (in a truck or on a trailer).
  • What happens during a trip on a trailer or truck?

    This type of trip is extremely energy-intensive for the GPS trackers Flashbird or Pegase Moto, here's the explanation:

    Detecting a new trip, the tracker continuously communicates its position with the server, even when the vehicle's engine is not running. The vehicle's battery is not powered by the engine, and neither is the tracker.

    The tracker, therefore, activates its battery disconnect to protect the vehicle's battery from discharging, and then switches to its internal battery. This allows for tracking the trip for a certain duration.

    The duration of this tracking is variable and depends on the capacity of the vehicle's battery and the tracker model:

    • For Flashbird:
      You can expect several weeks of autonomy when stationary and several hundred kilometers while in motion without the engine running (in a truck or on a trailer).

    • For Pegase Moto:
      Expect a few days of autonomy when stationary and approximately a hundred kilometers when in motion without the engine running (in a truck or on a trailer)."

Technical Questions ⚙️

  • How to Identify Your Vehicle's Battery (for Pegase Moto)?

    There are two main types of batteries:

    • Lead-acid/AGM batteries: A lead-acid battery is often black and features the "Pb" logo.

    • Lithium batteries: A lithium battery is often colored (green/orange-blue), depending on the brand. It can also be black but will always have the "lithium-ion" designation.


    • The safest option is to ask your dealer.
    • Example of a lead-acid battery with the "Pb" designation
    • Example of a lithium battery with the "lithium-ion" designationCapture_d__cran_2022-06-28___16.43.17.png
  • How to maintain your vehicle's battery?

    Whether your vehicle is equipped with accessories powered by its battery or not, it's important to monitor the state of charge and maintain your vehicle's battery.
    (In the case of motorcycles, especially high-performance ones, they are often equipped with 'standard' lead-acid/AGM batteries that are undersized for starting a large 1000cc or larger twin-cylinder engine.)

    It is essential to monitor the charge level of your vehicle's battery, especially if it is driven infrequently, both in terms of frequency and distance.

    You can do this by using a multimeter to measure the voltage delivered by your battery and compare the measured value with the manufacturer's recommendations (motorcycle or battery user manual).

    During periods of inactivity for your vehicle, it is highly advisable to connect the battery to a trickle charger.

    The battery's charge level will be kept at its highest, and your accessories (including Flashbird or Pegase Moto!) will continue to be powered without risk and therefore function.

  • Can my Flashbird or Pegase Moto trackers damage my vehicle?

    Our trackers have CE, RoHS, and R10 certifications (automotive standard). They are equipped with a cut-off circuit that protects the motorcycle's battery against potential over-discharge. Therefore, they pose no risk to your vehicle.

  • How to use my Flashbird or Pegase Moto tracker on multiple vehicles?

    You can use Flashbird or Pegase Moto on all of your vehicles.

    The ease of installation of Flashbird and Pegase Moto (a cable to be connected directly to the battery) allows for this.

    However, if your battery is hard to access, we recommend acquiring an additional cable (you will then only need to move the tracker from one vehicle to another).

  • How do the GPS trackers Flashbird and Pegase Moto communicate with my app?

    Powered by the motorcycle's battery or via their internal battery, Flashbird and Pegase Moto continuously communicate the data they collect to our servers via the GSM and GPS networks.

    These servers then translate this data to your smartphone via the app.

    There is therefore no distance limit to be respected between the motorcycle and the smartphone.


    • The accuracy of GPS traces in small spaces can sometimes be challenging (for example, on winding mountain roads, narrow city streets), compared to what can be achieved on a race track.
    • Finally, it's important to keep in mind that there is variability in electronics. For example, a GSM module may be more or less performant depending on weather conditions. Cold and humidity can 'slow down' the tracker's startup.

  • How can I ensure that I'm not riding in a 'dead zone'?

    Our trackers absolutely need a GSM network to function. If you pass through a so-called 'dead zone' where the network doesn't reach, the tracker will have difficulty communicating its position. It will record its internal GPS points and transmit them again when it regains network coverage, but the internal memory is limited and only holds a few kilometers' worth of data.

    You can also check the quality of coverage based on frequencies, operators, and the municipality you are traveling through.

Other Questions 🧐

  • Are Flashbird and Pegase Moto recognized by insurance companies as anti-theft devices?

    Flashbird and Pegase Moto, like all GPS anti-theft trackers, do not have SRA certification.

    They are not mechanical anti-theft devices designed to physically prevent theft, like a chain or a U-lock.

    However, Flashbird and Pegase Moto help to prevent theft (by notifying you when someone touches your vehicle) and to track the vehicle to its final location (where the thieves take it).

    In fact, some insurance companies like Mutuelle des Motards, Solly Azar, or Dafy Assurances recognize Flashbird and Pegase Moto as effective anti-theft devices and offer you many benefits to protect your vehicle.

  • When will I receive my order?

    We are able to prepare and ship your orders from Monday to Friday until 3 pm (time of various carriers).

    It typically takes 5 to 7 business days to receive your order (excluding the summer months).

    We do not work or ship orders on weekends and holidays. Therefore, an order placed on a Friday at 4 pm will ideally be shipped on Monday.

  • When and how can I benefit from a cashback offer?

    You may be eligible for a cashback offer and want to know how and when to benefit from it?

    First, you need to complete the dedicated form, the link to which is provided on the partner's website or in the letter you received. Cashback offers require a short processing time (about 1 month) to assess the eligibility of your request submitted through the dedicated form.


  • Regular Updates

    To ensure maximum security, we regularly update our applications and products. It's important to perform updates as soon as possible:

    - we encourage you to enable automatic updates for your application
    - you will be notified as soon as a product update is available, and we urge you to carry out this update as soon as possible

  • How to report a cybersecurity issue?

    We take the security of our information systems seriously and invite you to contact us immediately if you observe any vulnerability.

    To report security issues, please send us a detailed report to We commit to acknowledging receipt within 24 hours and will provide updates every 72 hours until the issue is resolved. Once resolved, we will inform you of the measures taken.