The Application - My Rides 📱

All information about your saved rides.

  • How to Merge Your Trips?

    If you wish to merge trips that you've taken, for example during a road trip, this is entirely possible.

    From the home screen of your application:

    1. Click on "View All" in blue within the "Trips" section (below the mini-map).

    2. Once you're on the list of your trips, click on "Edit" (in blue at the top right of the screen).

    3. Simply select the relevant trips, then click on the blue merge arrow at the top right, and choose "Merge."

    IMG_1199.PNG     IMG_1200.PNG

  • How to Share Your Trips on Social Media?

    Using the Flashbird (by Pégase) application, you can share your trips on social media. Here's the process to follow:

    1. Open the relevant trip from your application.

    2. Click on the paper plane icon.

    3. Click on "Add an image."

    4. Select the social media platform where you want to share your trip.


  • How to Export Your Trips in GPX Format?

    To export your trip in GPX format, follow these steps:

    1. Open the relevant trip from the Flashbird (by Pégase) application.

    2. Click on the three small dots at the top right of the trip screen.

    3. You can then select the "Export as GPX" option.
      (The GPS track will be sent to your email by the application.)


    • You can use your trips in GPX format with applications like Relive or Komoot.
  • How to get data in km/h and/or mph?

    In the application, go to the general settings, and then in the display section, select "Units Selection."

    You will then have the choice between:

    • The default system settings of your phone (depending on the language and region of your smartphone)
    • The metric system (km/h)
    • The imperial system (mph)


  • Do Flashbird and Pegase Moto have internal memory?

    When Flashbird or Pegase Moto do not have the necessary network to communicate (for example, when you are driving in an area with no network coverage), Flashbird and Pegase Moto store GPS coordinates in memory to transmit them once they regain network connectivity.

    This is possible thanks to the integrated "Buffer" technology in the trackers.


    The "Buffer" integrated into Flashbird can store 20 times more data than the one integrated into Pegase Moto.