About the Flashbird GPS tracker 🛰️

All the information needed for the proper functioning of your Flashbird GPS tracker.

  • How to install the Flashbird GPS tracker?

    The GPS tracker is attached under your motorcycle's seat using the provided double-sided adhesive tape. Ensure that the Flashbird logo is oriented towards the sky (avoiding metal or carbon parts just above). Then simply connect the cable to the battery using the provided universal connector.

    Click here to watch the tutorial video.


    Flashbird should be connected directly to the motorcycle's battery and not to a starter relay, for example.

    Download the installation guide.



    1. Proper installation of your Flashbird GPS tracker enhances optimal communication with GSM and GPS networks. Ensure that there are no metal or carbon parts above your GPS tracker.
  • How do I update my Flashbird GPS tracker?

    Here is the procedure to update your Flashbird GPS tracker:

    1. Press the side button of your Flashbird device for 10 seconds (the LED will turn white after 5 seconds and then light blue after 8 seconds), then release the button.

    2. Enable Bluetooth on your phone (on Android, also enable location services).

    3. Open the Flashbird application and go to My Account (Profile icon) -> Settings -> Update devices.

    4. You can now update your Flashbird.

    5. If the update fails, make sure your phone is connected to the internet (Wi-Fi or mobile data) with at least 3 network bars.

    If the problem persists, submit a request to our technical support.

  • How to check the proper functioning of Flashbird?

    To observe the status of your Flashbird GPS tracker, press the tracker's button and observe the LED.

    Meaning of the blinking:

    • The LED doesn't light up: The GPS tracker is out of battery and/or not powered.
    • The LED blinks: The GPS tracker is running on internal battery.
    • The LED is solid: The GPS tracker is being powered properly by an external source.

    Meaning of the colors:

    1. Yellow: Your Flashbird GPS tracker has an issue with the SIM card. Please open it and reposition the SIM card. If that doesn't resolve the issue, contact technical support.

    2. Red: Your GPS tracker isn't receiving GPS and GSM signal, it's not connected to the network.

    3. Blue: When Flashbird is connected to the servers, the LED turns blue (the Flashbird GPS tracker is connected to the GSM network but won't send GPS positions). So, anti-theft alerts are active.

    4. Green: When Flashbird receives the GPS signal, the LED turns green (the Flashbird GPS tracker is 100% functional). So, anti-theft alerts and real-time GPS tracking are active.
  • How to perform a reset of the Flashbird GPS tracker?

    Is your Flashbird GPS tracker stuck or experiencing malfunctions?

    To perform a reset of the Flashbird GPS tracker, follow these steps:

    1. Press the Flashbird button for 8 seconds.
    2. The LED will eventually turn white, then release it.
    3. The GPS tracker may take 1 to 2 minutes to initialize again.

    There you go, the reset is done. Remember to drive with your vehicle to verify that the issue has been resolved.

  • Why is a subscription required for Flashbird? Does it work without a subscription?

    Flashbird requires a subscription to our services at €5 per month.

    This is used to pay for the associated services (Flashbird Cops and Flashbird Emergency), maintain technical updates, and fund the Flashbird team, plain and simple!

    We also work every day on new features that will come to Flashbird through GPS tracker and app updates.

    Flashbird does not work if the subscription is suspended, which means you won't have the vehicle's position or the recording of your trips in the app.

  • How to manage my Flashbird subscription?

    You can manage your Flashbird subscription from the user page on our website.

    Simply select the plan you want (monthly or annual) and follow the payment process. Multiple payment methods are available (credit card, PayPal, SEPA direct debit, etc.)