How to check the proper functioning of Flashbird?

  • Updated

To observe the status of your Flashbird GPS tracker, press the tracker's button and observe the LED.

Meaning of the blinking:

  • The LED doesn't light up: The GPS tracker is out of battery and/or not powered.
  • The LED blinks: The GPS tracker is running on internal battery.
  • The LED is solid: The GPS tracker is being powered properly by an external source.

Meaning of the colors:

  1. Yellow: Your Flashbird GPS tracker has an issue with the SIM card. Please open it and reposition the SIM card. If that doesn't resolve the issue, contact technical support.

  2. Red: Your GPS tracker isn't receiving GPS and GSM signal, it's not connected to the network.

  3. Blue: When Flashbird is connected to the servers, the LED turns blue (the Flashbird GPS tracker is connected to the GSM network but won't send GPS positions). So, anti-theft alerts are active.

  4. Green: When Flashbird receives the GPS signal, the LED turns green (the Flashbird GPS tracker is 100% functional). So, anti-theft alerts and real-time GPS tracking are active.