How to Check the Power Supply of the Pegase Moto GPS Tracker?

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Here are the steps to check the power supply of your Pegase Moto GPS tracker:

  1. Check the cable connections: Ensure that the red terminal is securely connected to the red terminal of your vehicle's battery, and the black (or transparent) terminal is properly connected to the black terminal.

  2. Verify that the cable fuse is in good condition.
    (See: Order a new Pegase Moto cable)

  3. Then, go for a ride for about ten minutes.

If your trip is detected, your Pegase Moto GPS tracker is properly powered.

If your trip is not detected, your Pegase Moto GPS tracker is likely not receiving proper power. Please contact our customer service.


  • Pegase Moto must be connected directly to the motorcycle's battery and not, for example, to a starter relay. Examples of connections not to replicate: