How to Install the Pegase GPS Tracker?

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The Pegase GPS tracker is attached under the seat of your motorcycle using the provided double-sided adhesive. Ensure that the Pegase logo is oriented toward the sky (avoiding metallic or carbon parts just above). Then, simply connect the cable to the battery with the provided universal connector.

Pegase should be connected directly to the motorcycle's battery, not to a starter relay, for example.



  1. Before contacting our customer service, make sure that your Pegase is compatible with your battery. Specifically, a Pegase for a lead-acid battery should be used with a lead-acid battery, and a Pegase for a lithium battery should be used with a lithium battery. (See: How to identify my vehicle's battery?)

  2. Proper installation of your Pegase GPS tracker enhances optimal communication with GSM and GPS networks. Ensure that there are no metallic or carbon parts above your GPS tracker.