Lead or Lithium, Which Model of Pegase Moto for Your Vehicle's Battery?

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Pegase Moto is equipped with a cutoff switch to protect the vehicle's battery against potential over-discharge. This cutoff switch triggers at a certain battery charge threshold.

Because lead-acid/AGM batteries and lithium batteries have different voltage curves, the cutoff threshold for the switch cannot be the same for both battery types.

Therefore, there are two versions of Pegase Moto, one for lead-acid batteries and the other for lithium batteries:

  1. On a "lead" battery, the cutoff switch triggers at around 12.5V.
  2. On a "lithium" battery, it triggers at around 13V.

Consequently, when purchasing Pegase Moto, you need to select the version that corresponds to your battery!



  • A "lead" Pegase Moto on a lithium battery will function but carries a risk of over-discharging your battery.
  • A "lithium" Pegase Moto on a lead-acid battery will not work or will perform poorly.